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38,38 EUR*
Details Planet Health

Planet Health Helps you teach students about nutrition and physical activity while building skills and competencies in language, maths, science, social studies and physical education. Full description

39,99 EUR*
Details Healthy Gaians: How Healing Our Body, Mind, Spirit, and Culture Helps Heal the Planet

Healthy Gaians The healthier we are in body, mind, and culture, the more we can happily interact with the Spirit of Earth or Gaia, who needs our attention now. Health, how to keep it, regain it, or even optimize it, concerns many today. But we usually ...

49,39 EUR*
Details Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy This trailblazing book sheds light on humankind's most serious health challenge ever--how to save our precious planet--describes the strategic opportunities available to help the endangered human species cope constructively, and ...

11,29 EUR*
Details Ecover Spülmaschinen-Tabs XL Pack (1 x 70 Tabs)

Without water there would be no life on our planet. Us humans, animals and nature, we all depend on water and even more importantly, our health depends on it. Clean water is vital to our whole eco-system. Ecover makes products that rely on water in ...

33,48 EUR*
Details Planting and Maintaining a Tree Collection: Creating and Maintaining a Tree Collection or Arboretum

Trees capture the imagination of the most stone-hearted, and enjoyment of them extends way beyond a core interest in plants and gardening. They represent permanence and longevity and have become symbolic of the health of our planet. People plant trees ...